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Detailed Product Description

AVR EA125-8


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Product Description

Replacements of Engga AVR EA125-8, Kutai AVR EA125-8

EA125-8 Characteristics


Sensing input:                                  175-270 VAC@220VAC 

350-540 VAC@440VAC 

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power Input:                                    30-260 VAC, 40-500Hz

Output:                                              85VDC@110VAC

170VDC @ 220VAC

Voltage Regulation:                          <0.5%(with 4% engine governing)

Voltage Build-up:                              Residual volts at AVR terminal>5VAC

External Volts Adjustment:              5%/-5% with 1k Ohm 0.5 watt trimmer

Unit power dissipation:                    Max.12watt

Thermal Drift:                                   0.45% per degree change -35~+65degree

Under Frequency Protection:           57Hz @60Hz/ 47Hz@55Hz (Adjustable)

CT Current Compensation Input:     1A or 5A(Selectable)

Analogue Input:                                un 0-10% @ 0-10 VDC

Environment:                                    Operating Temperature: -40-70degree

Storage Temperature: -40-85degree

Relative Humidity: Maximum 95%

Vibration: 3.3G @ 100-2 KHz

AVR controls Functions:                   VOLT: voltage adjustment

STAB: Stability adjustment

U/F: To set the U/F knee point

DROOP: To adjust droop

TRIM: Analogue input adjustment

U/F: under frequency protection)

Dimensions:                                      135*150*47mm

Weight:                                             500g