Hãng sản xuất: EGCON (Korea)

Thông tin chung: This automatic battery charger has been designed to continuously charge a Lead-Acid Battery to start engine generator set by the switching mode power supply (SMPS), which is most essential to give emergency power to the equipment in the event of main power failure. 



1. Panel built-in type
2. Rated Voltage, rated current switching charge
3. Floating / equalizing selection switch
4. Can force to charge when battery discharged
5. Protection against incorrect output wiring
6. Output voltage ripple under 1%
7. Anti vibration and anti humid by silicon coating


1. Output : 12/24Vdc, 10A
2. Input : 1P 220Vac, 50/60Hz
3. Overall(mm) : W130 * H160 * D55
4. Mounting Holes(mm) : W60 * H150 / 5Ф * 4Holes
5. Weight(kg) : 1